Official agrikulturista blogger

I’ve been thinking of creating a blog for months already since I’ve been wanting to share what I know and have experienced in farming and in my farm travels. This idea came from a friend who is very passionate about travel photography. After his suggestion that time, I wasn’t able to start immediately because of the limited time and knowledge on writing and expressing. Not that type of woman who posts and shares experiences to the public. But now I’m here.

After my dad, Mr. Ronald Costales, the so-called “Father of Farm Tourism in the Philippines”, died, I was invited to numerous talks about organic farming and farm tourism. I was pretty much exposed to the current situation of the farmers as well everytime we, my mom, brother and I, were invited by the Department of Tourism to talk to different regions in the Philippines and orient the farmers on Farm Tourism. Although I still didn’t start right away. I needed a big push. Something that would ignite the iska in me.

And then Batanes happened. Three days ago, we visited a paradise. But. For that I will have to do another blog. 😊 To cut the long story short, it was what I really needed.

The Philippines is a beautiful agricultural country that we should all love and nourish. That is why I’ve decided to finally start my blogging journey, to inspire the Filipinos, especially my co-millenials and the youth, to be involved in agriculture. Why? Because all of us need food to survive, and if we do not start involving ourselves in food production, in 20 or 30 years the next generations will suffer severely. The average age of the farmers is 55. Sooner or later, they’ll have to rest and no farmer will be left to plow the soil nor sow the seeds nor harvest crops. The only way for food sufficiency and security is farming. And farm tourism is one way of involving the Filipinos. It is also a way of alleviating the lives of the farmers through their additional income.

I already have a three years old daughter and a two-days old nephew. I fear of the image of them starving that is why I’m here. And I’m very much excited to share to all of you the fun we’re having at the farm. Follow and share more of my blogs! Who knows, I might give away gift certificates as well. 😉

2 thoughts on “Official agrikulturista blogger”

  1. Goodluck anak! I admire your will of convincing your fellow millenials on issues of food securities. Ignite and inspire, thats what Dad taught us.


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