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Discovering Batan Island of Batanes

There may be countless of beautiful sceneries and experiences in Batan Island but here are the most memorable ones that tourists should not skip!


3. Stone Houses

For all Ivatan stone houses, the kitchen and comfort room are steps away from the main house for safety and storage purposes. Walls, which are made up of Lime and stones, are one-meter thick.

2. Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Hills)

An astonishing and mesmerizing view that will make guests don’t want to leave anymore! The name “Marlboro Hills” was said to be given by a foreigner when he noticed that it looked like the one in the Marlboro commercial back in the old days. The wind is also very strong, a comb is recommended after.

1. Sunset at Basco Lighthouse

Batan tour would not be complete without a beautiful sunset with a loved one. Climb to the top of the Lighthouse and see the majestic view of the land, sea, and sky.


3. Have a little chat with Lolo Francisco at House of Dakay

House of Dakay is the oldest stone house that has survived in the town of San Jose de Ivana, Batan Island. But more to the beauty of this traditional house, is the heart of a jolly Ivatan named Lolo Francisco. Spend at least ten minutes with him and hear his stories.

P.S. He’s got a little bit of humor in his pocket as well.

2. Harvest Blue Flowers at Mamang Tess’ Blue Pea Farm

Picking a rose for a special someone is sweet, but picking a handful of blue edible flowers and making it a bouquet is even sweeter!

Tip: Before going home, make sure to air dry the flowers first. It can be made into salad, tea, or even blue rice!

1. Write in a book at San Carlos Borromeo Church

Inside the church is a small room full of blank books written with the past, present and future by travelers from all over the world. Guests can grab a book and write down anything they want, may it be dreams, plans, or simply how one feels being in Batanes.


3. Uved

blogpost3_eat3It is a dish made up of grated banana corn mixed with minced ground pork. It’s tastes like meatballs but less on the meat and more on the veggie.

2. Luñis

blogpost3_eat2This is an Ivatan way of adobo through salting and smoking without the soy sauce. A balanced salty-savory taste because of the smoking making customers want to eat more rice.

1. One-day-old Flying Fish

blogpost3_eat1The name states the period of sun-drying the flying fish. The Ivatans collect the sun-dried fish after a day to prolong its shelf life, enhance flavor and enjoy the white, soft flesh. Best served with vinegar for breakfast!

Travel Tips:

For September to December – Wear clothes for the rainy season; bring umbrellas

For January – February – Wear clothes for the cold season; bring umbrellas

For March – August – Wear light clothes; bring umbrellas

Bring drinking water, tissue or wet wipes, alcohol, powerbank, handkerchief, and extra clothes. Wearing high heels is highly discouraged.

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